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A Most Unusual Offering On eBay!
Editor's note: This eBay offering has been saved for our archives without photo or text editing... nor editoral comment.
It was listed by a first time eBay seller who had no experience selling on eBay and who has zero feedback to date.

Obverse-(Nicely detailed) Reverse(Two frnt.hoofs/hills)
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Nov 23, 2010 • 18:44:31 PST
Item condition: Circulated
Price:   US $4,700.00  
Best Offer:                         
Shipping: FREE shipping
Returns: No returns accepted.
Item specifics - US Coins
Grade: --
Certification: U.S. Mint
Strike Type: Proof
Mint Location: Philadelphia
Certification Number: --
Circulated/Uncirculated: Circulated
(Coin Anatomy: ) 1917/ Posibly-197/16 Minted Over Date :HOBO "Civility Indian Head" / "Buffalo Nickel" (Buffalo's name;"black diamond".)
(Type:) Posibly a: "CAMEO PROOF" 1916 or 1917 ? (questionable) real reaserch needed.
(Note: Posibly: A die crack dureing small strike periodMiddle end 1916. 9Unknown during Over date period. 1917/16
Posibly: Small quantity srike period As mint Option ;due to a crack in the strking die. (Usualy sent Out to Collectors:(In General for 1913 on)
Hobo- "Civility Indian Head"1917 posibly 1917/16 Minted over date as a Collectors strike.( Very few) !!!!!
Uncirculated for many years. ( Very very nice coin).
Mint / Mark = None very very rare. ( with te accepting of the EDGE = 100 % raise and holding ata. field at a ata. explant manner).
                        Reason: Philidelphia Mint "Over Date 1917/16" / "(located at location on the Portrait reserved for Designer's mark) / (Very Rare) !!!!
Edge = Holding an exelant manner of the field.
Portrait / Date and Designer Initials = (Portrait) = Civility Indian Head. (Date) =1917/16 Over Date: Went to Designer location (Unique Mint Decission)
Clad Layer ( this item ) =Posibly Die crack- Cupro Nickel Layer.(Excelent symetrary -No groves, nicks or cuts.)
Legend and Inscription = UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / etc.
Rim = 100% Raised and holding field at ata. On Exelent Line !!!!
Field = Of the coins lower field is strait line edged to "FIVE CENT" Legend.

This was deffinatly crafted by; a Master Hobo. You could stamp this !!!! It fooled me only the second time.

Can Not find a more noted Portait of the -
Political Period In America Known to All- and Noted;
As a time of Very high government hence politic behavior.
While All Americans Experianced a politeness esp. in a merely formal manner or way.
Americans Acted; Upon the experiance; in Formal, Polite, acts of utterance. One and all.
For ? :To go forth; and Americans did And americans did all stand up .up !!!!.
Marched thru the Roreing 20,s 30's & 40 ish,s. Then You found Out you are rich.
This is a Very very well crafted "Hobo Nickel 1917
And One of Many many acts of Polite and Civil Utterance towards Themselfs and the United States Govenment.
Not for Change liken today. But to change to real civilization
as Only Americans can see it today. GOD BLESS ALL AMERICA TODAY WITH PAYPAL.
Sincerely; *JESSIE*
Questions and answers about this item
Q: why would you put a hobo nickel in the mint set section and make up this phony story about what it is, do you really think anyone would believe this nonsense? Nov-24-10
A: Gents: A Hobo Nickel. I hope not. It has its u.s mint strike on it and as far as i can tell. (with a little effort of investigation on my own. The factual story is a True One. Check Mint over dare Series 1917/16. And untill you can prove me other wise. With a real hobo certifacation. I will not retract. I will not Apolagise. nor will I apolagise to the coin for being a coin? The Price Stands: Its is a very nice Coin Indian head buffalo. P.s. I love New York CITY. *JESSIE*

Dec 3, 2010 • 04:55:35 PST
Photos captured from a subsequent relisting of the same carved nickel. − V-Dubya
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