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Available Color Slides for Programs, Educational Study and Research

   The following slide series are available on a "no charge" basis to all recognized numismatic organizations for educational purposes. They are copyrighted and no series or portion thereof may be reproduced in any manner without specific written permission from the author.

Only four of Bill's thirty-five slide sets, those about Hobo Nickels, are described for you here.

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   XIII.  Hobo Nickels: Approximately 93 slides of truly artistically carved (from Buffalo 5¢'s) "Hobo 5¢", many done by "Bo." Carved coins feature famous persons, Indian chiefs, clowns, friends of Bo, and a fascinating assortment of subjects. Methods of making them are also presented. A descriptive text is included as well as a cassette tape to play with the slides. (S-$125)
   XXIX.  Hobo 5¢ - Part 2 ("Bo's Best"): An update on the extremely popular first Hobo 5¢ series, this program of 61 slides is the fastest 25 minutes you'll ever sit through. New carvings by Bo and Bert have surfaced and are simply unbelievable. Many are "cameos," and are guaranteed to impress even the most casual collector. A cassett tape accompanies the program, so little work is required beforehand. (S-$125) (Inc. cassette).
   XXXI.  "Hobo Nickels" on Other than Buffalo 5¢: This series presents about 20 carved coins, both U.S. and foreign, which have utilized the features of those coins to become something else. A "fun" series, a text accompanies the program which is both entertaining and educational. (S-$35)
   XXXIV.  Hobo 5¢ Grading: 57 slides showing examples of the 5 different quality designations (Superior, Above Average, Average, Below Average and Crude) assigned to hobo nickels and submitted to OHNS for certification. Also included are slides of various "new-bos", those that have been produced in recent years. ($60)

The prices following each series are only in case any want to be purchased.

   1.  Indicate the paricular series you would like to borrow, by letter / number designation and name.
   2.  Advise for what purpose they are being requested (name, of club, etc.), and the date they will be used.
   3.  An estimate of the number of people that will be viewing the program would be helpful.
   4.  Please include $5.00 per set with your request which will cover postage, necessary insurance, handling, etc.

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   In the event an individual or group wishes to purchase slides (S) or prints (P) of any series so marked (some are available only in slides), the cost is indicated after each in ( ). This price includes postage, insurance and handling.

   Note: Please be aware that some slide series (the counterfeit detection series, for example) title slides are used in the slide program but are omitted as unnecessary in the sets of prints. For this reason, there are a few less prints (photos) in some series.

   Also, it helps tremendously if you order the series you want for your program about 15 days prior to the viewing. In this manner it will afford you time to preview the slides prior to the meeting and coordinate them with the accompanying text (where one is involved). It is also important that you return the series as soon as possible after the showing as other clubs may wish to borrow the same set.

   Hopefully more series will be added in the future as well as additions to the existing sets where applicable. I am always open to suggestions on other series that you'd like to see. If I am able to obtain the necessary specimens to photograph and there is enough of a demand. I'll be glad to undertake such a project.

   Also, specialty work is available for individuals or clubs at reduced rates if a specific coin or series is wanted. Please write me for details on this or if you have any questions.

   On all orders, please bear in mind that in some cases additional sets must be made up which may take up to 3 weeks. This concerns sets that are purchased.

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Dunwoody, GA   30356-0660
The "slides" shown here are mockups created by your Webmaster using some of Bill's "Bo" carvings... not the actual slides.
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