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OHNS Nickel Auction 12

Auction number 12 will be at the FUN show in January 2004.
OHNS has a meeting three times a year at every Long Beach Coin Expo show in Long Beach, California, on Saturday afternoon at 2PM.

Participation in the auction is restricted to OHNS members.  Membership is $15.00 per year and includes the large illustrated auction catalogue and a subscription to the Bo Tales journal.

 To join OHNS or for more information, write to
Original Hobo Nickel Society
12000 Sunset Ridge Drive
Ozawkie, KS 66070-6045.  

Or visit their website www.hobonickels.org.  Collectors also may join at the OHNS bourse table at the FUN show.



The Original Hobo Nickel Society will conduct its 12th mail and floor bid auction of hobo nickels at the OHNS General Meeting on Saturday January 10, 2004, at the FUN coin convention in Orlando, Florida. The auction is open to OHNS members only.

This year's auction begins with 25 better-quality carvings by "Bo" and Bert, followed by some nice Howard Hughes caricature carvings. Plus there is a good selection and variety of old hobo nickels, interspersed with modern carvings by Ron Landis, Steve Adams, Billzach, Lee Griffiths, Joe Paonessa, Dick Sheehan, Owen Covert, John Dorusa, J. Press, Frank Brazzell, and Eddings. There are many superior and creative pieces in the auction. Some miscellaneous carved coins, and hobo postcards round out the sale. There are 106 lots in all.

The catalogue issue of Bo Tales will be mailed out in early December. Join now to get yours in time to bid. Pre live-auction bids can be submitted by phone, fax, or email.



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