2003 OHNS Hobo Tokens

The annual OHNS hobo tokens for 2003 are now available. They were unveiled at the FUN show. This year we are issuing the tokens in silver and bronze. The obverse pictures a woman, and the reverse a hiking hobo.

The dies were cut by Ron Landis. Fifty of each metal were ordered. Ron's assistant who struck the tokens accidentally used the wrong reverse die (a similar one but without our society's name or initials). All but 12
sets were sold at FUN. The remainders, while they last, are available for $25.00 for the pair, or individually at $20.00 for the silver and $10.00 for the bronze.

Another 50 sets were ordered, with the correct reverse die. These are priced at $20.00 for the silver, $10.00 for the bronze, and $30.00 for the pair (no pair discount on these; the $25/set was a special FUN show price).

Postage and insurance is extra on all of the above. Contact Fred at the address below to reserve your tokens and find out the total cost of your order with shipping and insurance.


Don Haley
OHNS Sales
P.O. Box 480352
Delray Beach, FL 33448
email: donH2oHaley@aol.com

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