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Modern Artists

Got a modern nickel or nickel carver not listed here? Send it to Rick at and I'll get them added to the archive as soon as possible.

While I make every effort to have every known quality carver listed, time is short and carvers are many (more every month it seems). If you are a carver that would like your work listed here, please contact me and I will do my best to get your page started soon. As of 4/10/12, new carvers can submit no more than twenty carving examples per carver.

To view the complete list of modern carvers, please visit the Nickel Carver's Showcase.

 Steve Adams

 Sam Alfano

 Amy Armstrong

 Dave Boulay

 Ray Cover Jr.

 Owen Covert

 Stephen Cox

 Paolo Curcio

 Jay DeBoer

 Steve Ellsworth

 Andy Gonzales

 Lee Griffiths

 John Hughey

 Marcus Hunt

 Shane Hunter

 David Jones

 Cliff Kraft

 Ron Landis

 Adam Leech

 Tony Lewis

 Tom Patterson

 Keith Pedersen

 Derek Pegnall

 Ralph Perrico

 Mike Pezak

 David Riccardo

 Aleksey Saburov

 John Schipp

 Robert Shamey

 Mark Thomas

 Pedro Villarrubia

 Don Wolfe

 Paul Holbrecht