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Articles about antique medicine bottles for the antique medicine bottle collector!

From the pages of Antique Bottle & Glass Collector magazine!
Dr. Richard Cannon's first Medicine Chest column appeared in the September 1985 issue of
Antique Bottle & Glass Collector magazine, and still continues on a semi-monthly basis.

Medicines for tending to the health needs of infants and children - BABY AND KID STUFF
Embossed medicine bottles from the State of California - SOME CALIFORNIA MEDICINES
Kickapoo, Wynkoop's and 36 other medicines in cobalt blue glass - MEDICINES IN BLUE GLASS
Embossed 'Tonic' bottles, Dr. Miles, Harter's, Ramon's and others - TONICS
Buffum's, Charles Joly, and other medicines packaged in soda and mineral water style bottles - MEDICINE IN SODA BOTTLES
Covering Dr. C. McLane, Dr. J.W. Bull's and Dr. D. Fahreny bottles - CONFUSING MEDICINES
Nineteenth century medicine vendors often used wild claims to help sell there medicine - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT
Dr. Kilmer's, Warner's, Cramer's and other companies using 'sample size' medicine bottles - SAMPLE MEDICINES
Vaughn's Lithontriptic and U.S.A Hosp. Dept. bottles - VAUGHN'S, U.S.A. HOSP. DEPT., AND THE WINDOW
Benjamin Rush, America's most distinguished physician, and signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Read how several proprietary medicine vendors cashed in on Dr. Rush's good name - DR. RUSH
More then just a dinner vegetable, celery was thought to have diuretic and antispasmodic properties. - CELERY MEDICINES
Dr. Cannon finds his roots in Stockton, California bottles. - GENEALOGY BOTTLES
Ointment's, Salve's, Pill's, medicines sold in metal containers. - MEDICINE IN METAL CONTAINERS: CANNON'S SALVE AND OTHERS
E.P. Comstock and his famous Morse's Indian Root Pills - SMALL BOTTLE, LARGE FABRICATION
Bottles of opaque white or milk glass were used in the 19th century for cosmetics, drugs, and bitters - MILK GLASS BOTTLES
Elixirs are alcohol and water solutions of medicinal substances sweetened and flavored
to mask disagreeable odors and tastes of things dissolved in them - LIFE GIVING ELIXIRS AND TINCTURES
Two medicines having a special curative power against a single disease - SPECIFIC: BAKER'S AND LAKE'S
When roots, leaves, and barks were the principal means of treating diseases with drugs - HERBAL REMEDIES
Sarsaparilla bottles with the word Honduras embossed on them - HONDURAS SARSAPARILLA
Learn all about U.S.A. Hosp. Dept. bottles - CIVIL WAR MEDICINE IN GLASS
All about John Moffat, George Pierce and the bitters bottles they produced in the 1840's - MOFFAT'S AND PIERCE'S BITTERS
Dr. Cannon tell you how letters to libraries and historical societies help in article research - MEDICINE BOTTLE RESEARCH
Nathan Tucker's cure for asthma, hay fever and all catarral diseases of the respiratory organs! - TUCKER'S ASTHMA SPECIFIC
Antique bottles from the Dakota Territory - DAKOTA TERRITORY
Stories about Sachem and Shoshonee bottles, two great Indian medicines - SACHEM AND SHOSHONEES
Lean about pre-1870 medicine bottles with a 'Dr.' prefix - PONTILED DOCTORS
Not all patent medicine men made it big, here are two that didn't! - TWO WHO DIDN'T MAKE IT BIG TIME
Before H.H. Warner became a medicine man, he sold safes for a living - A REAL WARNER'S SAFE
The 'Hobo Medicine Manufacturing Company' of Beaumont, Texas - THIRTY YEARS TOO LATE
The 'L.B. Outlar Drug Co. of Wharton, Texas - MORE ABOUT DR. CANNON'S FAVORITE DRUGSTORE
No matter what we basically collect, most of us won't turn down a good jug when it comes along - SOMETHING ABOUT JUGS
Eye baths were used in England as early as the 16th century - THE EYE CUP OR EYE BATH
Medicine bottles that fit into more then one category - BONUS MEDICINES
Some companies 搒piced their bottles up with a little variety in shape - A LITTLE VARIETY
Some molds that have been re-cut or peened to create - TWO IN ONE
Hood's, Ayer's, DaCosta's and other - MEDICINES WITH ARCHED INDENTED PANELS
Data about three bitters in my collection - RAMSEY, CARONI AND OLD HICKORY
Many nineteenth century patent or proprietary medicine producers had female remedies - FEMALE REGULATORS
The word cholera is Latin for bilious disease, and has come to indicate a severe intestinal infection - CHOLERA MEDICINE
Learn a bit of history about these three entrepreneurs and the bitters they sold - SEVERA, MICHEL AND HIGBY
Two bottles that look like they contained medicine but didn't - ARMOUR AND SWIFT
Sanford's and DaCosta's, both - RADICAL CURES
Cornflower blue color cabin counter top containers, originals or reproductions? - MORE LUTTED'S S.P. COUGH DROPS
A milk glass bitters bottle with a German background - LOHENGRIN BITTERS
Two popular bottles with similar names - WISHART'S AND WISTAR'S
As we search for collectible items we are likely to encounter the names - BISHOP AND BOOT
Witch Hazel has been used as an astringent, learn about the bottles that it came in - WITCH HAZEL
Dr Cannon explains how to repair bottles - BOTTLE FIXING
Finding medicine bottles in pairs - MEDICINAL PAIRS
Pawnee, Cherokee and Dr. Larookah's - THREE INDIANS
Life and times of a little known Newcastle, England medicine man - GEORGE HANDYSIDES
The Spark's medicine company of Camden, New Jersey - SPARK'S PERFECT HEALTH
Gilbert's Cure for Cholera Infantum - A RARE CURE FOR A COMMON DISEASE
Nineteenth Century Embossed Sarsaparilla Bottles - TUTT, JARMAN - MORLEY AND WETHERELL

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