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Christopher Madden: Artist ~ Engraver ~ Painter

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      Thank you for your interest in me and my work today. I hope you found your experiences with my art to be interesting and thought provoking.

      My work does contain a narrative that spoke to me and led me to express that dialogue in my artwork. My work is truly successful, however, when you, the viewer, finds a different and personal interaction with the work that perhaps I did not envision.

      I seek to express and perhaps gain some understanding of the psychological and sociological strata that governs our lives. Maybe we can come up with some of the answers together. If we can't find these elusive answers, maybe my work can act as a catharsis - Art can do this = allow the viewer (and the Artist) to bring up and deal with something that perhaps is boiling down in the sub-conscious and provide a "release" through the creative effort.

      In any case, my work as a Banknote Engraver demands such exacting discipline that the sheer act of painting as I do provides a freedom and passion that I cannot experience otherwise artistically.

      I am one of the very last few persons left trained and charged with the hand-engraved creation of America's Currency. My profession is a dying craft. Working under such discipline with the burin is very demanding and restrictive creatively. I appreciate and admire the artistry and craft. I mourn it's passing as I mourn any of the hand-crafts being replaced by faster, cheaper methodologies. The combination of my Engraving and painting approaches gives me a sort of balance.

      I would suggest that if you enjoy my Art, invest in it - I would only sell to those who find meaning for themselves in my work. It is up to you to judge the investment value of acquiring my pieces due to my unique profession.

      Enjoy the show, enjoy Frederick, and please visit again. My studio is just next door at #2 Market, third floor. You may contact me at (301)668-3072 for a private studio tour or to inquire about my work.

      Thank you...

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