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Hobo Nickel Guidebook
2010 reprints of the Hobo Nickel Guidebook are now available!
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Top left... The Meier Family's “Tall Ear
Top right... Ron Landis 1994 “Hatchling Dragon”
    In OHNS logo... Obverse of the “Dicer” carving    
by George Washington “Bo” Hughes    
Bottom left... “Big Ear” FUN2009 Lot59 $1,540
Bottom right... Steve Adams 2005 “Train of Thought”

Top left... “Peanut Ear” FUN2008 Lot70 $660
Top right... Art “Cinco de Arturo” DelFavero 2008
    In OHNS logo... Reverse of the “Dicer” carving    
by George Washington “Bo” Hughes    
Center left... George Washington “Bo” Hughes “Silverstein”
Bowers2009 Lot2658 $1,610
Center right... Arthur Hutchinson FUN2010 Lot66 $231
Center low... Bertram “Bert” Weigand FUN2008 Lot99 $9,020
Bottom left... “Sharp Ear” eBay 2008 $362
Bottom right... Bob Shamey 2009 “Eskimo” FUN2010 Lot78 $341

Cover of original edition... 1st printing.

The Original Hobo Nickel Society has just reprinted its Hobo Nickel Guidebook authored by Stephen P. Alpert, which presents an up to date guide to hobo nickels and their values. Both classic old hobo nickels and modern creations are presented, with information on how to tell them apart. Over 700 enlarged photographs of hobo nickels are illustrated in the 126 page spiral-wire-bound book.

The purpose, methods of creation, and the components of hobo nickels are discussed. The most common type of hobo nickel is the standard design depicting a bearded man wearing a derby. Other subjects include ethnic figures, hatless men, soldiers, women, famous people, and altered buffaloes (changed into a man or a different animal). All these are discussed and illustrated in the book.

The OHNS Quality Designation scale for hobo nickels (Crude to Superior) is explained, and examples and general values for each are given, along with the factors affecting a hobo nickel's desirability.

An Artist Gallery chapter covers dozens of old, nicknamed, and modern hobo nickel artists with examples of their work. And an Auction Photo Gallery illustrates hundreds of hobo nickels sold in past OHNS auctions, along with the hammer price of each. This is valuable information as the most desirable hobo nickels (both old and modern) sell for $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 apiece.

Other chapters cover cast fakes, hobo tokens, and other similarly altered coins, both U.S. and foreign.

The book retails for $30.00, plus $3 shipping. OHNS members save $5.00 ($28.00 postpaid.) Add $2.00 for Priority Mail if desired. Membership in OHNS is $15.00 per year and includes the quarterly BoTales journal and annual auction catalogue... Membership Application FormClick for membership application form.

Mail Guidebook orders to:

Don Haley, OHNS Sales ... Click to EMail this person.
5929 Wedgewood Village Circle
Lake Worth, FL   33463-7368
Please make all checks payable to... ORIGINAL HOBO NICKEL SOCIETY requires our society name written out in full!

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