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Greetings from the Auction Manager

牋牋 I hope all our members enjoy our 18th auction. We offer here a good variety of classic and modern hobo nickels, with many nice and desirable pieces. If you have never bid in our auctions, give it a try; you may get a bargain. All the lots in this sale can be seen on our web site, enlarged and in color, thanks to our dedicated and hard working webmaster Verne Walrafen. Just visit And shortly after the auction, Verne will post on the website all the selling prices.

牋牋 Continuing this sale, current artists who consigned or donated their own works are noted in the Artist Index (an asterisk * indicates the lots by the artist that were submitted by the artist; other works by the artist are from the secondary market). And the OHNS Quality Designation paperwork accompanying each applicable lot no longer includes the owner's Submission Form.

牋牋 Those attending the auction at FUN can view the lots on Friday at the OHNS bourse tables, and on Saturday morning in our meeting/auction room just before the auction (which follows our General Meeting).

牋牋 I need to receive your bids by mail, email, or fax (phone first so I can turn on my fax machine), no later than JANUARY 5th. No phone bids accepted, but you can phone or email me with any questions. PLEASE BID EARLY! Note my new address, email and phone number below.

Mail Bid Sheet
Click to view enlarged version.
Stephen P. Alpert, Auction Manager ... Click to EMail this person.
Voice & FAX: 702-473-9071
P.O.Box 335441
North Las Vegas, NV   89033-5441

Artist Index
Old Artists are in boldface letters.   [*]-Consigned by the Artist.
The lot number(s) of the hobo nickels of each artist is given after the name.

J. Allen - 27
Amy Armstrong - 92*
Billzach - 42, 65, 93
“Bo” - 56, 57, 61, 62, 79-83
Mike Branham - 7, 8; 70-74 (all *)
Frank Brazzell - 27, 63, 69
Cinco de Arturo - 67
Owen Covert - 68
Steve Cox - 9-14, 50*, 51*
John Dorusa - 27, 63, 69
Wabon Eddings - 27
“Flat Nose” - 36, 39
Larry Foster - 84*, 85*
Arthur Hutchison - 66
Ron Landis - 96
Adam Leech - 86*, 87*
James Olivencia - 97
Joe Paonessa - 94
“Peanut Ear” - 31
Alex Ptak - 5, 6
“Rough Beard” (?) - 41
Bob Shamey - 75-78 (all *)
Dick Sheehan - 95
“Tall Ear” - 55
“The Traveler” - 58
Eric Truitt - 50
“Tufty” - 54
“Twofer” - 2
“Weasel” (?) - 44
Donal Wolfe - 64*
Subject Index
alien - 76
Amish man - 96
buffalo head - 95
clown - 61, 92
cutout - 73
dog - 7, 13
eagle - 94
Eskimo - 78
faces - 75, 77
U.S. Grant - 93
Stephen Hawking - 86
hobo fortune teller cards - 59
hobo postcards - 4, 15, 29, 49
hobo tokens - 30
hummingbird - 73
Indian - 9, 12, 57, 62, 84, 95
Indian head cent - 43
Jewish - 43
Kaiser - 3, 35
JFK memorial - 97
R. E. Lee - 93
Leadbelly - 87
nude on head - 74
pawnbroker - 43, 68
pirate - 10
Roman gladiator - 94
skullcap - 19
soldier - 56.
John L. Sullivan - 65
tiger - 14
turtle shell hat - 81, 82
two-sided - 2, 7, 8, 46, 68, 75, 93-96
Vincent Van Gogh - 5
warrior - 8
woman - 28, 42, 72, 79

OHNS Auction #18 Rules

Welcome to the eighteenth OHNS Hobo Nickel Auction! We hope you are successful in obtaining the lot(s) you bid on and that you enjoy the fun and fellowship of one of the fastest growing numismatic clubs in the country! Bid liberally and with confidence that each lot is described completely and accurately. We ask that you review the Auction Rules below and adhere to them closely which will make it a fun auction for everyone. GOOD LUCK. . .

1. All lots are guaranteed as described. Any typos or other errors will be called to your attention at the beginning of the auction.

2. Bidding is open to all paid up members of OHNS, and will be conducted on both a Mail Bid and Floor Bid basis.

3 ALL Mail bids and Fax bid must be sent to Steve P. Alpert, PO Box 335441, North Las Vegas, NV 89033-5441 and received by January 5, 2010. NO phone bids will be accepted. Fax bids are acceptable (702-473-9071), as are emailed bids (to Click to EMail this person.). Please call above number before faxing so Steve can turn on fax.

4. The certification or quality designation papers for lots examined by OHNS will accompany each lot unless otherwise indicated. No OHNS QD paperwork for hobo tokens, hobo postcards, and multi-coin bulk lots (unless noted).

5. There will be a 10% buyer抯 fee and a 5% seller抯 fee.

6. Owners may submit one (1) mail bid on each of their coins. This will serve as a 搈inimum bid if the owner desires. NO floor bids will be accepted from an owner on his/her coins.

7. NO unlimited bids will be accepted.

The Bidder抯 OHNS number must be included on all Mail Bids. This number will also be your floor bidding number.

8. ALL payments must be made by check or cash only, with checks being made out to Stephen P. Alpert. PLEASE include your OHNS number on all checks. Have any questions about this sale? Telephone Steve at 702-473-9071 or email at: Click to EMail this person..

9. Postage and insurance will be added to the invoice for all successful Mail Bidders.

10. All sales are final, and payments must be made promptly.

11. A list of prices realized will appear in the next BoTales and will also be posted on our website: following the auction.

NOTE: Some lots in this sale were donated, with all or a portion of the proceeds going to OHNS as noted in the catalogue.

List of Donations

Dan Freeland: 30
Steve Cox: 50, 51
Donal Wolfe: 64
Mike Branham: 70, 71
Adam Leech: 86, 87
Amy Armstrong: 92
Auction information is provided here as a courtesy only!
The "offical" auction catalog is the printed version and will have all the final editing shown in it. 
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