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Greetings from the Auction Manager

牋牋 Once again we are able to present a nice offering of hobo nickels for our OHNS annual auction, ranging from the old artists to the modern masters. We have a nice selection of 揃o攕, Berts, 揚eanut Ears and unknown old artists, as well as works by 14 modern carvers. Plus, some hobo postcards, tokens, and pins round out the sale.
牋牋 Scrutinize this catalogue carefully. If you will be at FUN, you can examine the lots in person on Friday (at the OHNS bourse table) and on Saturday in our meeting/auction room, just before the auction begins. Our General Meeting begins at 10:00 AM. The auction will follow, beginning about 11:15 to 11:45 in the same room.
牋牋 Absentee bids should be mailed to: Stephen Alpert. P.O. Box 66331, Los Angeles, CA 90066, or emailed to me at Click to EMail this person.. All bids should be received no later than Jan. 8th. No telephone bids accepted, but you can phone me at 310-836-2482 with any questions, or if you wish to fax your bids to this same phone number.
牋牋 I hope you all enjoy this auction, and maybe add some nice hobo nickels to your collection.

Mail Bid Sheet
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Stephen P. Alpert, Auction Manager ... Click to EMail this person.
Telephone: 310-836-2482   FAX: 310-836-5691
P.O.Box 66331
Los Angeles, CA   90066-0331

Artist Index
MODERN ARTISTS are in upper case letters.
Old Artists are in boldface letters.
The lot number(s) of the hobo nickels of each artist is given after the name.

Steve Adams: 49
Sam Alfano: 33
J. Allen: 81
Amy Armstrong: 29, 86, 87, 88
Bert Wiegand: 17, 99
Billzach: 30, 34
Bo Hughes: 14, 15, 16, 17, 90, 91
David Boulay 22, 23, 24
Frank Brazzell: 84
Ray Castro: 54, 55, 56
Owen Covert: 51, 52, 53
Stephen Cox: 44, 45, 46, 47
John Dake: 50
John Dorusa: 82, 83, 100
Lee Griffiths: 101
Cliff Kraft: 31, 32
揚eanut Ear: 62, 67, 70, 77, 96
揝piffy: 59
揟ufty: 5, 57
Elmer Villarin: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
Subject Index
Bloodhound: 56
Caboose: 38
Charlie Chaplin: 47
Civil War soldier: 29
Clown: 15
General Custer: 50
Dog: 36, 56
Foreign coin: 60
Gladiator: 46
Greyhound bus: 40
Hatless man: 9, 13, 78, 89
Hiking hobo: 37, 55, 79, 86
Hobo pinback buttons: 20
Hobo postcards: 19, 85
Hobo token: 18, 35
Hunter with dog: 36
Kaiser: 1
Knight: 52
Lighthouse: 51
Mad Hatter: 39
Madonna: 41
Pirate: 44
Postcards: 19, 85
Railroad bull: 88
Railroad spike: 49
Running hobo: 31
Sailor: 87
Watson: 32

OHNS Auction #16 Rules

牋牋 Welcome to the sixteenth OHNS Hobo Nickel Auction! We hope you are successful in obtaining the lot(s) you bid on and that you enjoy the fun and fellowship of one of the fastest growing numismatic clubs in the country! Bid liberally and with confidence that each lot is described completely and accurately. We ask that you review the Auction Rules below and adhere to them closely which will make it a fun auction for everyone. GOOD LUCK. . .

Mail Bid Sheet

牋牋1. All lots are guaranteed as described. Any typos or other errors will be called to your attention at the beginning of the auction.

牋牋2. Bidding is open to all paid up members of OHNS, and will be conducted on both a Mail Bid and Floor Bid basis.
Membership due January 2008! Click to read the list     Members paid through 2008 or beyond! Click to read the list

Date... 8 January 2008

牋牋3. ALL Mail bids and Fax bid must be sent to Steve P. Alpert, P.O. Box 66331, Los Angeles, CA. 90066 and received by January 8, 2008. NO phone bids will be accepted. Fax bids are acceptable (310-836-5691), as are EMailed bids (to Click to EMail this person.).

牋牋4. The certification or quality designation papers for lots examined by OHNS will accompany each lot.

牋牋5. There will be a 10% buyer抯 fee and a 5% seller抯 fee.

牋牋6. Owners may submit one (1) mail bid on each of their coins. This will serve as a 搈inimum bid if the owner desires. NO floor bids will be accepted from an owner on his/her coins.

牋牋7. NO unlimited bids will be accepted. The Bidder抯 OHNS number must be included on all Mail Bids. This number will also be your floor bidding number.

牋牋8. ALL payments must be made by check or cash only, with checks being made out to Stephen P. Alpert. PLEASE include your OHNS number on all checks. Have any questions about this sale? Telephone Steve at 310-836-2482 or email at Click to EMail this person..

牋牋9. Postage and insurance will be added to the invoice for all successful Mail Bidders.

牋牋10. All sales are final, and payments must be made promptly.

牋牋11. A list of prices realized will appear in the next BoTales and will also be posted on our website: following the auction.

牋牋NOTE: Some lots in this sale were donated, with the proceeds going to OHNS as noted in the catalogue.

List of Donations

Steve Adams: 49 (50%)
Amy Armstrong: 87
David Boulay: 21
Stephen Cox: 44, 45
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From the Editor抯 Desk
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Lot 31 Lot 89 Lot 90 Lot 88
牋牋This is my last issue of Bo Tales after serving as your editor for seven years (including three years in the mid 90s). Bo Tales will now pass onto the capable hands of Ralph Winter, who I expect will be an outstanding editor. As a charter member, I watched our club grow from the original eight to our current membership of over 400 enthusiastic collectors and scholars of hobo nickel carvings, including both classic and modern. I am looking forward to serving this club in a new capacity.
牋牋Once again, thanks to my Wife, Barbara, for her support. Donald 揝port Farnsworth
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Don Farnsworth, Editor

Auction information is provided here as a courtesy only!
The "offical" auction catalog is the printed version and will have all the final editing shown in it. 
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