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Letter from the Auction Manager

牋牋 Welcome to Auction 14. This year we have another nice selection of old hobo nickels and modern carvings, plus other related collectibles (hobo tokens, postcards, etc.). Study the catalogue and mail, FAX, or email your bids to me (no bids by phone, but I will answer questions by phone) so that I receive them by Tuesday, January 3, 2006 at the latest.
牋牋 Those of you attending the FUN show, be sure to examine the lots, as some specimens don't photograph well. Viewing the actual nickels, from various angles and distances, is an advantage, especially to fully appreciate the high relief modern carvings.
牋牋 The lots will be on display at the OHNS bourse table at FUN on Friday; and also briefly on Saturday, just after the OHNS General Meeting and before the auction begins, in the OHNS Meeting Room.
牋牋 Below I have compiled an Artist Index and a Subject Index, to help you locate items of interest in this auction. I'm sure you'll enjoy the variety of material in Auction 14.

Mail Bid Sheet

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Stephen P. Alpert, Auction Manager ... Click to EMail this person.
Telephone: 310-836-2482   FAX: 310-836-5691
P.O.Box 66331
Los Angeles, CA   90066-0331

Artist Index

MODERN ARTISTS are in upper case letters.
Old Artists are in boldface letters.
The lot number(s) of the hobo nickels of each artist is given after the name.
Bert”: 115
Bo”: 10-12, 55-57, 112, 114
MIKE BRANAHAM: 61, 62, 68, 69
MIKE CIRELLI: 108, 109
OWEN COVERT: 63-65, 74, 75, 85, 86
JOHN DORUSA: 15-17, 83
RON LANDIS: 3, 6-9
Peanut Ear”: 25, 41
Rough Beard”: 40
BOB SHAMEY: 103-107
Unknown (old and modern): 1, 14, 20-24,
37, 42-54, 72, 73, 76-82, 111, 113

Subject Index

Bo-Tales set: 32, 38
bird and buck: 113
bracelet: 103
cameo: 70, 71
Al Capone: 60
cast copies: 67, 103
clown: 57, 94
dog: 12
donkey: 10, 83, 112
dragon: 69
eagle: 7
elephant: 11
Fake hobo nickel: 13
Elmer Fudd: 101
Frog Prince: 105
hatless man: 54, 68, 70, 84, 92
hobo books: 33
hobo dime: 5
hobo fortune cards: 19
hobo medal: 31
hobo postcards: 2, 18, 87
hobo stereo photo card: 88
hobo tokens: 27-30, 34-36, 39
horse: 96
Indian: 4, 71, 103
Irishman: 1
jester: 89
jockey: 56
king: 64, 97
knight: 69, 85
John Lennon: 109
Minerva: 9
monkey: 106
Annie Oakley: 58
pig: 86
pirate: 90
Presidents: 3, 6, 16, 98, 99
rabbi: 55
reverse carving: 106
Joe Rust: 108
Babe Ruth: 59
Snoopy: 15
soldier: 61
space: 104
standard design: 14, 20-26, 37, 40-49, 51-53, 62, 65, 72-79, 81, 83, 84, 91, 93, 95, 100, 111, 114, 115
two-sided hobo nickel: 13, 69
Uncle Sam: 8
woman: 83

OHNS Auction #14 Rules


牋牋 Welcome to the fourteenth OHNS Hobo Nickel Auction! We hope you are successful in obtaining the lot(s) you bid on and that you enjoy the fun and fellowship of one of the fastest growing numismatic clubs in the country! Bid liberally and with confidence that each lot is described completely and accurately. We ask that you review the Auction Rules below and adhere to them closely which will make it a fun auction for everyone. GOOD LUCK. . .


牋牋 1. All lots are guaranteed as described. Any typos or other errors will be called to your attention at the beginning of the auction.


Mail Bid Sheet

牋牋 2. Bidding is open to all paid up members of OHNS, and will be conducted on both a Mail Bid and Floor Bid basis.


牋牋 3 ALL Mail bids and Fax bid must be sent to Steve P. Alpert, P.O. Box 66331, Los Angeles, CA. 90066 and received by January 3, 2006. NO phone bids will be accepted. Fax bids are acceptable (310-836-5691), as are EMailed bids (to Click to EMail this person.).


牋牋 4. The certification or quality designation papers for lots examined by OHNS will accompany each lot.


牋牋 5. There will be a 10% buyer抯 fee and a 5% seller抯 fee.


牋牋 6. Owners may submit one (1) mail bid on each of their coins. This will serve as a 搈inimum bid if the owner desires. NO floor bids will be accepted from an owner on his/her coins.


牋牋 7. NO unlimited bids will be accepted. The Bidder抯 OHNS number must be included on all Mail Bids. This number will also be your floor bidding number.


牋牋 8. ALL payments must be made by check or cash only, with checks being made out to Stephen P. Alpert. PLEASE include your OHNS number on all checks. Have any questions about this sale? Telephone Steve at 310-836-2482 or email at: Click to EMail this person..


牋牋 9. Postage and insurance will be added to the invoice for all successful Mail Bidders.


牋牋 10. All sales are final, and payments must be made promptly.


牋牋 11. A list of prices realized will appear in the next BoTales and will also be posted on our website: following the auction.


牋牋 NOTE: Some lots in this sale were donated, with the proceeds going to OHNS or Ron Landis Gallery Mint Museum, as noted in the catalogue.

List of Donations

All going to OHNS unless noted.
Lot 26, by Jeff Daniher (50/50 OHNS/GMM)
Lot 58, by Amy Armstrong
Lot 61, by Michael Branaham
Lot 67, by Dick Sheehan
Lot 70, by Jerry Pardubicky
Lot 71, by Jerry Pardubicky
Lot 74, by Owen Covert (to GMM)
Lot 75, by Owen Covert
Lot 91, by Keith Pedersen
Lot 96, by Steve Adams
Lot 100, by Joe Paonessa
Lot 103, by Bob Shamey
Lot 108, by Mike Cirelli (50/50 OHNS/GMM)

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From the Editor抯 Desk

牋牋 Welcome to what I think will be another exciting OHNS auction. There is something for everybody! As a Quality Designator in evaluating some of these carvings and as your editor in composing this catalog, I could not help but get very excited about our offerings.
牋牋 The modern carvers came up with 23 carvings that were graded superior by both designators! They are really doing a magnificent job with these splendid creations. On the classic side, we have 18 that were graded Above Average or better by both designators and included are several Bo抯 and one Bert.
牋牋 On the front cover are pictured five of the leading lots. On the left of the banner is lot 115, a Bert that was graded Superior by both quality designators. On the right of the banner is a modern carving of King Arthur by Steve Adams that was graded Superior (H) by both Designators. This can be yours if you are the high bidder of lot 97.
Click to view enlarged version.Click to view enlarged version.Click to view enlarged version.
牋牋 On the bottom of the front cover are two classic and one modern carving. You will not have to wait long to bid on the classic carving on the left. That one is of an Irishman smoking a pipe and it opens our auction at lot 1. It was graded Above Average (H) by Fivaz and Superior (L) by Alpert. The classic carving on the right is lot 72, graded Above Ave (H) by both Designators.
牋牋 The modern carving in the middle is entitled 揌obo on Hobo. It was carved by Bob Shamey, and was described by Fivaz as 搗ery creative and well executed work with great detail and a very unique perspective. This carving can be yours if you are the high bidder for lot 107.
牋牋 I would like to thank my wife, Barbara, for helping me with the typing and 損utting up with me while I tackled this large task. Also much thanks to Verne Walrafen our webmaster for putting this catalog on the website. At the website you can also see enlargements of our lots: We will also post the winning bids on the website.
牋牋 As usual, OHNS will have a table in the club section. So匔ome on down, have some Mulligan stew, and shoot the breeze with your fellow hobos.

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Don Farnsworth, Editor

Auction information is provided here as a courtesy only!
The "offical" auction catalog is the printed version and will have all the final editing shown in it. 
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