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FUN2005  Mail and Floor Bid Auction
to be held at the
Original Hobo Nickel Society Meeting
Saturday, January 15, 2005 at 10 a.m.
Florida United Numismatists, Inc.  ~  January 13-16, 2005
Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center
1950 Eisenhower Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Mail Bid Sheet

FUN2005 Online Catalogue ~ Notes
Letter from the Auction Manager ~ OHNS Auction #13 Rules ~ From the Editor's Page ~ List of Donations 

Letter from the Auction Manager


牋牋 Welcome to our thirteenth hobo nickel auction. Thirteen could be considered a lucky number for buffalo nickels. They were introduced in 1913, and struck for 26 years (2 x 13), 1913 through 1938. And coming up in 2013 will be the 100th anniversary of the hobo nickel (worthy of a commemorative postage stamp?).


牋牋 This auction has a wide assortment of nice material, from old to modern, inexpensive to valuable and single specimens to multiple-coin sets and lots. Two collections are featured - the best of the Bill Goetz collection (lots 2 to 73), and the entire Donald Pisar collection (lots 152 to 155).


牋牋 Among the older hobo nickels are two-sided carvings, and many Above Average to Superior pieces, from unknown artists. Old known and nicknamed artists represented in the auction are George Washington “Bo” Hughes, “Flat Nose”, “Needle Ear”, “Rough Beard”, and “Peanut Ear”.


牋牋 A large selection by recent carver John Dorusa includes many of his nicest works: two-sided carvings, a big menagerie of animal reverse carvings, cartoon characters, and his sets of US Presidents, and Jesus/Apostles. Other 搊lder modern carvings in the sale include pieces by Frank Brazzell, J. Allen, and 揌.S..


牋牋 Many very nice to spectacular pieces by current artists are in the auction: Ron Landis, Dick Sheehan, Robert Shamey, Michael Cirelli, Bill Jameson, Joe Paonessa, Lee Griffiths, Owen Covert, and Elmer Villarin. Thanks to those artists who donated carvings, with the proceeds going to OHNS and the Gallery Mint Museum.


牋牋 I hope you enjoy perusing this catalogue and hopefully win some lots by mail bid or attending the auction. The lots will be available for viewing at the OHNS booth at the FUN show, all day Thursday and Friday, and for a brief period just before the auction in our meeting/auction room on Saturday morning.


牋牋 All successful floor bidders must pay for and pick up their lots immediately after the auction. We hope to have everyone抯 invoice printed via computer shortly after the auction ends, to expedite matters. As always, funds raised from this auction will go toward OHNS-sponsored ANA scholarships. Anyone interested in receiving a scholarship should contact Gail Baker at FUN or by mail or EMail, to get your name tossed into the hat.


Mail Bid Sheet

Steve Alpert

Auction Manager

Stephen P. Alpert ... Click to EMail this person.
P.O.Box 66331
Los Angeles, CA   90066-0331

OHNS Auction #13 Rules


牋牋 Welcome to the thirteenth OHNS Hobo Nickel Auction! We hope you are successful in obtaining the lot(s) you bid on and that you enjoy the fun and fellowship of one of the fastest growing numismatic clubs in the country! Bid liberally and with confidence that each lot is described completely and accurately. We ask that you review the Auction Rules below and adhere to them closely which will make it a fun auction for everyone. GOOD LUCK. . .


牋牋 1. All lots are guaranteed as described. Any typos or other errors will be called to your attention at the beginning of the auction.


Mail Bid Sheet

牋牋 2. Bidding is open to all paid up members of OHNS, and will be conducted on both a Mail Bid and Floor Bid basis.


牋牋 3 ALL Mail bids and Fax bid must be sent to Steve P. Alpert, P.O. Box 66331, Los Angeles, CA. 90066 and received by January 10, 2005. NO phone bids will be accepted. Fax bids are acceptable (310-836-5691), as are EMailed bids (to Click to EMail this person.).


牋牋 4. The certification or quality designation papers for lots examined by OHNS will accompany each lot.


牋牋 5. There will be a 10% buyer抯 fee and a 5% seller抯 fee.


牋牋 6. Owners may submit one (1) mail bid on each of their coins. This will serve as a 搈inimum bid if the owner desires. NO floor bids will be accepted from an owner on his/her coins.


牋牋 7. NO unlimited bids will be accepted. The Bidder抯 OHNS number must be included on all Mail Bids. This number will also be your floor bidding number.


牋牋 8. ALL payments must be made by check or cash only, with checks being made out to Stephen P. Alpert. PLEASE include your OHNS number on all checks. Have any questions about this sale? Telephone Steve at 310-836-2482 or email at: Click to EMail this person..


牋牋 9. Postage and insurance will be added to the invoice for all successful Mail Bidders.


牋牋 10. All sales are final, and payments must be made promptly.


牋牋 11. A list of prices realized will appear in the next Bo Tales following the auction.


牋牋 NOTE: Some lots in this sale were donated, with the proceeds going to OHNS or Ron Landis Gallery Mint Museum, as noted in the catalogue.

From the Editor抯 Page

Click on photo for enlargement!
Click to view enlarged version.

牋牋 Artist Robert Shamey did such a good likeness of me that I could not resist displaying it here. Displayed is the obverse of a two-sided carving. This carving received the grade of superior from both designators. It can be yours if you are the high bidder of lot 140.


牋牋 In the banner section on the front cover is a classic (original) carving (lot 128) also rated Superior by both designators. It is engraved 揑n God We Trust桹thers Pay Cash. On the right of the banner is a modern carving by Ron Landis of the Indian from the buffalo nickel. It was carved on a Jefferson nickel! It will go to the high bidder of lot 111.

Click on photo for enlargement!
Click to view enlarged version.

牋牋 On the bottom center of the front cover is the reverse of a two-sided carving also done by Robert Shamey. I am not favoring him over the other excellent modern artists. I could not resist because of an Arab on a camel under 揢NITE AMERICA. It is only five days since the election as this is being written, so I thought that the message was appropriate. See lot 142 if you wish to bid on it.

Click on photo for enlargement!
Click to view enlarged version. Click to view enlarged version.

牋牋 Also at the bottom of the front cover are two classic carvings, both of the typical 揃earded Man wearing Derby. The one on the left is lot 118, and the one on the right is lot 124. Both were graded 揂bove Average.


牋牋 Please note two important changes for the FUN convention. (1) The dates are about a week later January 13 16, 2005 and the location was changed from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. This is also the 50th anniversary FUN Convention. The general OHNS membership meeting will take place Saturday at 10AM followed by the auction.


牋牋 I would like to thank my wife, Barbara, for helping me with the typing and 損utting up with me while I tackled this large task. Also much thanks to Verne Walrafen our webmaster for putting this catalog on the website. At the website you can also see enlargements of our lots:牋牋牋牋牋牋 www.hobonickels.org/scraps06.htm#fun2005


牋牋 As usual, OHNS will have a table in the club section. As of this writing we are expecting Don Haley, Rollie Taylor, Steve Alpert, James Taylor, Gail Baker, Archie Taylor (Sr), Ron Landis, Bill Fivaz and his lovely wife, Marilyn, and me, Don 揝port Farnsworth.


牋牋 So匔ome on down, have some Mulligan stew, and shoot the breeze with your fellow hobos.

Don Farnsworth

List of Donations


牋牋 The board would like to thank the following people for their generous donations to OHNS and to the Gallery Mint Museum (GMM).

牋牋 Lot 113 Robert Shamey

牋牋 Lot 130 Owen Covert

牋牋 Lot 131 Michael Cirelli

牋牋 Lot 134 Bill Jameson

牋牋 Lot 138 ------------

牋牋 Lot 139 ------------

牋牋 Lot 143 Joe Poanessa

牋牋 Lot 145 Dick Seehan

牋牋 Lot 156 Elmer Villarin

牋牋 Lot 157 Elmer Villarin

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