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Links to Susan D. Jones'...   Folk Art In Bottles”
  Chair with bones and a cigar-smoking skull
  Chair made in Elk City, OK. (signed)
  Heavy chair in old bottle
  Three-tiered stool
  Five chair bottles made in IOOF home (some signed, dated)
  Chair with carved legs #1
  Chair with carved legs #2
  Plain chair with green seat
  Chair with navy & tan woven seat (signed)
  Chair with red seat and white lace
  Ladder-back chair
  Chair in a salt shaker
  Chair in a perfume bottle
  Painted chair in square bottle
  Red chair from Kentucky
  Red chair with painted flowers
  Chair from Georgia, 1890 (signed, dated)
  Chair from Glendura, CA, 1954, in small bottle
  Red and polka-dotted chair from Tennessee
  Gold chair with fringed seat and pearls, possibly French
  Chair from IOOF Home in Liberty Missouri (signed, dated)
  Blue chair with plastic charms and picture of movie star (dated)
  Delicate ladderback chair with white woven seat
  Ladderback chair with seat woven of wide strips and decorated with ribbons
  Plain chair with wooden slat seat with a Bible verse and initials (s with initials)
  Plain wood cross and tools (signed, dated)
  Small cross with green trees and ax (dated)
  Cross and tools with paper Jesus, prob. German (dated)
  Black cross with crossed spears
  Carved Jesus on turquoise cross
  Three crosses with tools, potted plants
  Cross with carved Jesus and IHS
  Small carved Jesus with a few tools
  Gallon bottle with cross and tools, winged stopper
  Carved Jesus and four guards in small square bottle
  Cross with paper Jesus and decorated by burning, Hungarian (signed, dated)
  Cross with paper Jesus and tools (dated)
  Cross and tools surrounded by fans
  Two sided bottle with pictures of Jesus and Mary
  Simple cross and tools in large amber bottle
  Three crosses and tools, painted gold, and white roses
  Carved Jesus on a cross, decorated with glitter
  Cross and tools, all painted gold
  Gold cross and tools with paper Jesus
  Gold cross and tools, painted gold, labeled in Spanish
  Three carved crosses with dangling star, painted gold
  Wooden cross and tools (signed, dated)
  Silver cross with red roses and linen ribbon
  Carved Jesus on the cross in a medicine bottle
  Cross with wood-shaving trees and stickers
  Red, green and gold decorated cross in a jug
  Cross and tools in yellow liquid - whiskey?
  Cross with carved Jesus, large heart and vines
  Three crosses with figures, apples and stickers
  Cross and tools, carved maltese cross stopper
  Carved Jesus and dangling angel (signed, dated)
  Cross and tools (signed)
  Cross with seven colored silk ribbons
  Black, silver and gold cross and tools, "bloody" shroud
  Triple cross with clothed figures (signed)
  Simple wooden cross covered with fans
  Three notch-carved crosses with pencil dots
  Three crosses with clothed figures and four guards
  Small cross with paper face of Jesus, Hungarian
  Carved Jesus on the cross, with calla lilies
  Cross with paper figures, beads, and carved top (signed, dated)
  Very large bottle with cross, tools and paper figures
  "Miracle Match"- Jesus carved on a match, in vial
  Three crosses, paper figures, and painted bottle (signed)
  Three black crosses with gold accents
  Cross and tools with whittled chain stopper
  Cross with crossed spears and large fan
  Black cross with gold figure of Jesus and paper heart
  Finely carved cross and tools, varnished
  Cross and tools cleverly interlocked and joined
  Cross and tools in pale yellow liquid
  Cross carved like tramp art in pale yellow liquid
  Black cross with paper Jesus, tools, and big rooster
  Cross and silver tools, with photograph (signed, dated)
  Cross with heart-shaped hole and pinwheel
  Cross decorated with spiky wooden stars
  Carved Jesus on the cross with wood-shaving flowers
  Cross and tools with paper figures, prob. German
  Cross with carved Jesus, blue paint and glitter (signed, dated)
  Carved Jesus on the cross, with open Bible
  Cross and tools, with paper figures, prob. German (dated)
  Cross with carved Jesus and angels climbing ladder
  Black and gold cross and tools (signed)
  Cross with carved Jesus and Golden Rule (signed, dated)
  Cross with carved Jesus, ladder & Golden Rule (signed, dated)
  Finely carved cross and tools in whiskey
  Cross and a few tools in tiny bottle
  Three crosses and tools, found buried in the ground
  Plain wood cross and tools
  Elaborate altar with crucifix, chalice, candles; French
  Simple cross with pen & sword; carved head on top
  Carved Jesus on cross, old valentine stickers
  Green, red, yellow and blue cross, tools & altar (signed, dated)
  Blue cross with tools and rooster; diagonal in bottle
  White cross and tools
  Carved Jesus on the cross
  Carved Jesus, cross and tools in very old bottle
  Cross with ball in cage whittled stopper
  Cross and tools (signed, dated)
  Cross and tools with paper figure of Jesus
  Cross and tools, finely carved, with painted rooster
  Small crucifixion and tools, with paper Jesus, Austrian
  Cross and tools with paper Jesus, contemporary Austrian (signed, dated)
  Cross and tools with religious cards, contemporary Austrian
  Small cross and tools bottle from Germany
  Crucifixion scene with several cutout figures, from Germany
  Decanter with cross, colorful paper, lace and bisque angel dolls
  Crucifixion with tools and ball-in-cage whittled stopper
  Cross and tools with large snake
  Cross with tools, decorated with brass tacks
  Cross and tools with paper Jesus, in small German bottle
  Crucifix scene with painted figure of Jesus and beads
  Cross hidden by flowers and a fan (dated)
  Cross and tools painted gold in a flask
  Cross and tools dedicated to a family in World War I (signed, dated)
  Crucifixion scene in a lightbulb
  Beautifully carved Christ on cross with Holy Bible
  Pencil-decorated cross dated July 1944 (dated)
  Crucifixion with sayings, made by The Caveman of Branson, MO (signed, dated)
  Crucifixion with Christ and two thieves, and tools
  Crucifixion with sayings, angel, man on ladder, hammer and nails (s,d)
  Highly detailed crucifixion scene with tools, fans, and three bodies (dated)
  Early crucifixion bottle with a few tools
  Jesus and two thieves on crosses in pumpkinseed flask
  Crucifixion scene with four guards in high headdresses
  A Golden Christ on the cross, with carved dove and two lilies
  Crucifixion scene with victorian stickers by Carl Worner (signed, dated)
  Crucifixion scene with three carved bodies in thick wavy-glass bottle
  Jesus on the cross, with mourning figures at bottom, in carafe, European
  Carved painted figures and painted cross
  Several crosses with ribbon roses and a coffin in a watercooler bottle
  Crucifixion scene in black, gold and silver with card figures, Balkan (dated)
  Cross and two figures dressed in 1920's clothing, from 1928 (dated)
  Cross with Faith (dove), Hope (anchor) and Charity (heart)
  A second cross with Faith (2 doves), Hope (anchor) and Charity (heart)
  Crucifixion scene with painted paper guards and glitter
  Crucifixion scene with cutout figures and possibly Roumanian card (initials, dated)
  Crucifixion scene supposedly made by American in German POW camp (s,d)
  A third cross with Faith (dove), Hope (anchor) and Charity (heart)
  Yellow and blue cross with tools, dated 1897 (dated)
  Large crucifixion scene with three crosses, pencil decoration, by Carl Worner
  Crucifixion scene with paper figures on crosses, two guards (signed, dated)
  Jesus in a lace-draped coffin at the foot of a cross, German
  Altar with candles, from Eastern Europe (maybe signed, dated)
  White cross with red decorations and dripping red paint blood (signed, dated)
  Large crucifixion with carved Christ in foil loincloth
  Crucifixion with two figures on ladders, holding hammers
  Crucifixion with cutout card Jesus and large bulb-shaped stopper with cross
  Painted crucifixion with guards and arched gateway
  Cross with carved figure of Jesus and Golden Rule, by "The Caveman" (signed, dated)
  Medicine bottle with crucifixion scene
  Crucifixion scene with carved figures, from the Philippines
  Crucifixion scene with carved figures and cupola stopper, from Portugal
  Cross with tools and elaborate heart and wire sculpture stopper, Russian (dated)
  Crucifixion with white and painted gessoes figures and skull totem poles
  Crucifixion with carved Jesus and guards (signed, dated)
  Cross with burned X pattern
  Crucifixion with celluloid Jesus and guards and photograph
  Structure with fans and birds, perhaps by Selick (dated)
  Pillars and fans with ribbons
  Structure with several fans
  Fans with red and white ribbons, and tassles
  Single plain fan in flask
  Three fans in old pale green bottle
  Structure with fans and birds, perhaps by Selick
  Seventeen fans in red and green
  Large bottle with fans, cross, American flags & ribbon
  Structure with birds and fans, perhaps by Selick (dated)
  Painted fans, birds, shoes and beaded crosses (signed)
  Jug with brightly painted fans, birds, a barrel, guitar, and beads
  Roses and fans with ribbons
  Structure with fans and silk roses
  Small bottle with single fan
  Large fan and two smaller fans, painted gold
  Single fan and two small crosses in medicine bottle
  Roses and fans with ribbons
  Fans and birds with gold dots (dated)
  Fans and birds in a flask
  Small bottle with four fans
  Painted fans and birds in a new bottle (original broken)
  Fan of very thin wood in small bottle
  Fans and birds on a ladder, by Adam Selick (signed, dated)
  Two paint-decorated fans on carved, decorated structure, in bluegreen flask
  Structure with fans and silk roses
  Fans and birds on a ladder, by Adam Selick (signed, dated)
  Small unpainted cross structure with fans on the ends
  Fans and birds by Adam Selick, with caged ball stopper (signed, dated)
  Fans, birds and ladder by Adam Selick (signed, dated)
  Fans and pompoms in pharmacy bottle from Cleveland
  Fans and animals and "God is Love" by Daniel Rose (signed, dated)
  Fans, figures and carved objects with signed banner (signed)
  Fan on beam support; celluloid head of a black man used as stopper (dated)
  Twelve fans with blue birds hidden inside
  Fans and birds on a structure, by Adam Selick (signed, dated)
  Fans, birds and ladder in a round bottle, by Adam Selick
  Fans on a structure very similar to bottles by Adam Selick
  Fans interwoven with ribbons and decorated with painted dots
  Fans interwoven with ribbons in Wyeth Pharmaceuticals bottle
  Fans on a structure decorated with tassles and tin foil
  Birds, fans, and other objects on a structure in a large jug
  "Family tree" with names and date in alphabet pasta
  Bird tree with two colors of wood
  Clock by Carl Worner
  Another clock by Carl Worner (signed, dated)
  Branched structure with yarn tassles
  Cannon and fabric American flag
  Beaded American flag in a frame (dated)
  Horseshoe with bisque dolls on platform (signed, dated)
  Tower with ivory tassles
  Figure under an arch with lambs, flag & pinecones
  Structure with ball in cage and carved locks
  Masonic emblem hanging from a ball stopper
  Structure with foil, tiny china doll and pearls
  Shaft with a propeller
  Small carved sled
  Cross with flags and soldiers - a war memorial? (dated)
  Pentagram in bright colors
  Three-legged stand with windmill
  Cross with soldiers and nurses, Unknown Soldier, made into a lamp (dated)
  Dangling whimsey in an aspirin bottle
  Chest of drawers with flowers (dated)
  Arches with dangling hearts and valentine message
  Structure with silk flowers, beads and pearls
  Structure with beads and stickers on glass (dated)
  Small faceted bottle with screw through shaft (signed, dated)
  Whittled structure with birds and dangling objects
  Fire engine in a round-bottomed bottle
  Propeller on a post in a tiny Listerine bottle
  Structure with colorful tassles
  Pool table
  Tree with painted birds
  Jug with china dolls and lanterns, labeled "Wonderful Mystery"
  Blue structure with gold and silver whittled sprigs
  Structure with dolls and beads and painted decoration (dated)
  Carved and painted hanged man in flask
  Postcard rack with scenes from Charleston, WV, and California (signed)
  Ladder, "magic" hammer, and Santa Fe (railroad?) cross (signed, dated)
  Two sided list of service men from World War II, with sayings (dated)
  Contemporary Thai bottle with shrine and household goddess
  Two coal miners with helmets and heavy drills
  Early puzzle whimsey with whittled chains
  Jewish altar, candelabra, tablets with Hebrew writing
  Contemporary Thai Buddhist shrine
  Ten Commandments in a jug
  Flowers and a bird cut from thin wood, glued on branches, by Adam Beiler
  Structure with ladders, railings, and spires in large bottle (signed, dated)
  Tree made of vegetable ivory and sign saying "Long Life"
  Structure with many objects and themes, Biblical, Masonic and others (signed)
  Depression-era sailor with an American Flag (initials, dated)
  Memorial photograph in jointed structure (dated)
  Frame with different photos on each side
  Man chopping wood with large tintype
  Jointed framed picture with twine
  Jointed framed picture with caption (signed, dated)
  Framed picture of Abe Lincoln with ribbons
  Fan, whittled whimsey, flags and two photos (signed, dated)
  "Memory bottle" with tintype and flags inside
  Snow scene with large photo behind it
  Framed religious indulgence card (signed, dated)
  Framed card with chickens and Easter cross
  World War II Sailor Howard C. Gosnell, probably from Wellman, Iowa
  President Andrew Jackson
  President Franklin Pierce
  President James Polk
  Shrine to boxer Joe Louis
  Picture of a young woman with a fan whimsey on the frame
  Photo of a woman with cotton snow scene and Victorian cutouts
  John Findley of Fayetteville, AR, photo with bottle whimsey he made (dated)
  Framed cartoon by H. T. Webster of an old whittler (initials, date)
  Photo of a girl in cowgirl outfit with perhaps a grandfather; whimsey pliers (signed, dated)
  Bakery (bottle broken) (signed, dated)
  John Neubauer Saloon, Chicago (signed)
  Large saloon bottle with German poem (signed)
  M. Salzman Saloon (signed)
  Henry Eilers Saloon, St. Louis
  Light blue saloon with roses
  Cigar factory scene (signed)
  Meat market scene
  M. Rummel Saloon, Newark NJ
  Casper & Gloor Shoe Repair shop, St. Louis (signed, dated)
  Mattie Hayden "Coal Miner Headquarter" saloon
  Frank Behrens Saloon, St. Louis
  S. J. Mellin Saloon with flags, near Chicago (signed, dated)
  Charles Grepling's Meat Market, Chicago (signed)
  Jim Cave Saloon, near Buffalo NY
  Joe Birke's Saloon, Blue Island, IL (signed)
  Shoemaker's Shop bottle, Chicago, and story of its origins (signed, dated)
  Saloon by Carl Worner made for New Jersey bartender
  Saloon by Carl Worner from Peoria, IL
  Saloon by Carl Worner with woman bar patron (signed)
  Office scene by Carl Worner, for Berghoff Brewing Association (signed, dated)
  Saloon for Pearl Carpenter, perhaps from central NY state
  Perhaps a very early saloon bottle; no missing man
  Shoemaker shop (signed, dated)
  Saloon for Anthony Savitsky, who may have been from PA (signed, dated)
  Saloon for Nicholas Bembnista of Detroit, perhaps made as early as 1903
  Saloon in large bottle, not dedicated to anyone (signed, dated)
  Michael Walsh saloon in a bottle from Brooklyn, NY
  Two-level bakery (signed)
  Saloon bottle, 1940's copy of a Carl Worner bottle
  Jug with white "brick" townhouse
  Mining scenes on several layers, German
  Trellis with greenery and two Civil War soldiers
  Scene with horses and riders and a fan
  Cafe with birds, drinkers, phone and French sayings
  Building with bears in meeting and sawing wood
  Painted windmill with gold fish weathervane
  Bar scene in a prune juice bottle
  I.O.O.F. lodge building
  Blacksmith shop with working smithy
  Mining scene from 1719 (signed, dated)
  Church scene with dedication (signed)
  Tree with birds and animals (signed)
  Niche with picture of Jesus on Palm Sunday; Hungarian (possibly dated)
  Farm scene with farmer in jug
  Green castle
  Speakeasy scene in gallon jug
  Huge three-level whimsey with bar scene, card players and prize fight (possibly signed, dated)
  Carved house on gargoyle base with large fist and chains stopper (signed)
  18th century coal mining bottle from Freiburg, Germany
  Maryland State Penitentiary in Maryland, with buildings and guards, in jug
  Scene made with Victorian-era cutouts of lakeside village
  Carl Worner at work in a saloon by contemporary artist, Bob Fredericks (signed, dated)
  Couple at the table eating soup, with cat and dog and signs; mechanical (signed, dated)
  The surrender at Appomattox, in the style of Carl Worner, by Bob Fredericks (signed, dated)
  Gaming table with cards, dice, cribbage board and decanter
  Jug with woodcutter, cabin and horse/buggy, all in different scale; was Hemphill's
  Snow scene made with cotton and Victorian cards and cutouts
  Two-masted sailing ship with NARADA flag
  Four-masted ship on cotton sea with cigarband cutouts
  Steamship with gold details
  Two-masted steam vessel with captain on gangplank
  Round flask with clipper ship and lifeboat stopper
  Three-masted steam vessel with lifeboat stopper
  Round flask with clipper ship and barrel stopper
  Side-wheeler river steamer with lifeboat stopper
  Round flask with clipper ship and lifeboat stopper
  Steam vessel with cotton smoke and Italian flag
  Steam freighter with Nazi flag
  Little ship in syrup bottle, poss. mass-produced or kit
  Three-masted vessel with Yugoslav flag, town behind
  Small galleon with town and lighthouse scene
  Jug with two-masted ship
  Gallon jug with two-masted ship; compass stand
  Steam vessel with town behind it
  OLDEST KNOWN SHIP IN A BOTTLE - 1784 (signed, dated)
  Small rigged ship in round flask bottle
  Ship and town with penned saying in the stopper
  Ship and two airplanes (signed, dated)
  Ship and airplane (signed)
  Tugboat with passengers, including a dog (possibly signed)
  Small rigged ship in round flask bottle with china doll suspended in canoe
  Ship and lighthouse in an Edison lightbulb from about 1912
  Ship with large American flag between the masts
  Two masted ship in tiny round flask, probably a perfume bottle
  Sidewheeler with sailors and cannon, lifeboat, in pumpkinseed flask
  Two level tugboat with lifeboats in a jug
  Rigged ship in strap-sided flask with yarn tassles on locking stopper
  Freighter American Export Isbrandtsen "The Exchequer"
  Ship and harbor in automobile headlight bulb
  Ships and harbor scene in a large upright lightbulb on stand
  Ship in a pumpkinseed flask, similar to Soldiers' Home ships
  Ship with masts and steam, smokestack with black yarn smoke (s,d)
  American Red Cross Ship from World War I era (signed, dated)
  Ship in a lightbulb
  Cross-cut saw linked with a niddy-noddy
  Patriotic tools (signed)
  Sawbuck, saw and boxers
  Tools with poem and dangling coffin
  Sawbuck, saw and log with hand pointing down
  Sawbuck, saw, and political candidate's banner
  Saw, other tools, and red & white striped ladder
  Single cross-cut saw
  Sawbuck, saw and log, with carved fist stopper
  Sword blade coming down from the stopper
  Cross-cut saw and Victorian lady cutout
  Structure with INRI puzzle and tools
  Structure with tools and part of a carved hand stopper
  Saw and other tools, with a man nailed to the saw
  Tools painted red, gold and silver
  Sawbuck, saw and birds on logs; bottle reconstructed
  Sawbuck, saw, and other tools, with carved stopper
  Patriotic tools by William Anderson
  Sawbuck with sailboat model on top
  Another bottle by the book-in-hand carver, tools in four-posted structure
  Plain bottle with sawbuck and tools
  Tiny bottle with sawbuck and saw
  Sawbuck with interlocked log and man puzzle, large carved saw
  Sawbuck and tools with cut-out initials in medicine bottle
  Early bottle with sawbuck and saw
  Flask with sawbuck and saw
  Carafe-style wine bottle with sawbuck and saw, contemporary (signed, dated)
  Saw in flask with carved heavy cube-topped stopper
  Logging tools with metal accents, hanging from locking stopper
  Gold tools in brandy-style bottle; stopper pictures T. Roosevelt, soldeirs (s,d)
  Colorful sawbuck with ship on it; four crosses hang from stopper
  Anvil and tools with caged ball and whimsey chains on stopper
  Double spinning wheel with birds
  Yarn winder with red, white and blue thread
  Mechanized spinning wheel with crank
  Simple niddy-noddy wound with white thread
  Niddy-noddy wound with a single linen thread
  Structure in different woods and yarn winder on top
  Yarn winder with red and white thread (signed, dated)
  Niddy-noddy with red and white thread, satin ribbon
  Rack with three spinning wheels (signed)
  Yarn winder underneath a canopy with tassles and macrame
  Yarn winder with four American flags (signed, dated)
  Spinning wheel, carved stopper, made by a prisoner (signed, dated)
  Spindle tree, threaded and decorated with tassles
  Niddy-noddy with barber pole and lizard
  Spinning wheel and china doll (signed, dated)
  Triple yarnwinder hung with bobbins
  Plain yarnwinder with tiny tintype in middle (dated)
  Yarn winder with red and white yarn in large bottle
  Mechanical yarn winder
  Structure wound with thread and hung with bobbins
  Spinning wheel with five carved figures (signed, dated)
  Yarn winder with red, white and green yarn
  Small walnut niddy-noddy with turned stopper
  Winder with tan and white thread and bouquet of artificial flowers, European
  Winder with tucked in advertising for home repair business, Syracuse, NY (signed)
  Simple winder with British flag, bird painted on the glass (signed)
  Simple winder of polished wood with carved bird
  Red painted winder with yard
  Many-tiered structure made of ivory with gold beads, wound in thread
  Many-tiered structure wound with thread through tiny metal rings (signed)
  Spinning wheel and posts on bottom; chair in tiny bottle used as stopper
  Structure with thread and tassles
  Thick structure with tassles
  Structure with big tassles like drawer pulls
  Yarn winder with ivory beads and black snake
  Tree wound with metallic thread and dangling baubles and china dolls
  Loom with two weaving dolls
  Tree with carved wooden beads, white thread and white tassles
  Red loom with two weaver dolls
  Loom with two weaver dolls, old bottle
  Tree structure with silk thread and tassles and big caged ball stopper with cross (signed, dated)
  Paper and decorated wishing well with book-in-hand stopper
  Paper and decorated wishing well with book-in-hand stopper, same maker
  Paper and decorated wishing well with book-in-hand stopper, same maker
  Paper and decorated wishing well, probably also by the same maker
  Paper and decorated wishing well with hand stopper, same maker
  Paper and decorated wishing well with missing stopper, same maker