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A Nickel and a Nail Film Update
- by Adam Leech

Hello friends. This post is intended to serve two purposes;

1) To inform the greater hobo nickel community of my progress on the hobo nickel documentary film project, "A Nickel and a Nail."

2) To test my abilities at website coding, as it appears I am a bit rustier than I realized. If you are reading this, we can assume I have figured it out! (well, maybe not... thanks Chris Dempsey for the upload!)

As many of you know, I have been engaged in the filming of a documentary film about hobo nickels for the better part of the last two years, and I am pleased to report that the project is proceeding in a suitable manner. This is do in no uncertain terms to the support of Mike Dunmire, as well as many willing contributors and interview subjects. I have struggled with a few frustrating delays, but should have all of the necessary footage secured by late this summer, and I am still on track to debut a "Pre-Release" director's cut at the 2013 FUN show.

To date, I have been able to film at both the 2011 and 2012 FUN shows (including my hitchhiking adventure in 2011), the ANA summer seminar, the ANA's hobo nickel archives, and at Steve Cox's studio in Las Vegas (with two Steve's... Cox and Alpert!).

I am currently in the midst of a frustrating, but still promising interview request with Del and Joyce Romines, which I feel is absolutely critical to the films credibility. I have tentative plans to interview the curator of "hobo" art at the International Folk Art Museum in Sante Fe, and to film Ron Landis later this summer, on his home turf in Eureka Springs. I will also be filming subsequent interviews with anyone who might be attending the ANA seminars this year.

Furthermore, I am in desperate need of self shot footage, photos, artifacts, etc... from any modern hobo carvers who would like to be featured in the film, and for any collector's who have historically significant coins they'd like to see in the film. If you are a carver or collector who would like to donate a coin to be sold to help finance the film, please contact me as well!

I am also hoping to get an interview with someone high up in the Secret Service, although now might not be the time to try it!

There is also a chance I will need to raise a few more dollars for the final editing, as this will need to be hired out in order to achieve the desired final product, a timeless tale of American struggle, creativity, and determination that pays tribute to the brave men and woman who hit the rails and roads looking for a better America. If and when the time comes, I will knock gently with my hat in my hand. Please be kind.

Thank you most graciously, and good day to you all.

Reference #889 - 5/23/12

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