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A Crusty Hidden Treasure - by CD

There is an ongoing debate within the numismatic community as to the validity of coin conservation. It is my opinion that conservation is sometimes warranted on certain coins in extenuating circumstances. This case, I believe, is such a circumstance.

Recently, I purchased a classic hobo nickel from an online dealer for a very reasonable $80. However, you could not make out any of the facial detail. This coin had almost certainly been partially buried or had some sort of contaminant on it that caused the coin to severely corrode. After trying my hand at removing the environmental damage, the coin turned out to be a little gem buried beneath a thick layer of corrosion. Pictured below are the photos from before and after conservation.

Click to view an enlargement of this photograph. Click to view an enlargement of this photograph.

Reference #891 - 6/12/12

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