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Introducing "Sully"
By Chris Dempsey LM#64

In February of 2013, I purchased the first coin pictured over the counter in our shop. As I always do, I went searching for matches and came up with them shortly after. The second coin listed was found on the OHNS website as part of a large collection that sold years ago in San Francisco. Coin number three sold in the 2010 OHNS auction, lot 34, for $363.

I chose the name "Sully" because the characteristics of this carver's coins tend to make the characters look dirty and unkempt: sullied. Hence the name "Sully."

Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment.

The carving characteristics for "Sully" are listed as follows:

1) Simple rounded derby. Indian's hair detail is not well removed from the derby.
2) Derby with small wraparound ends to brim.
3) Hair, Beard, and eyebrow as cut, likely with a knife using short curved cuts.
4) Ear resembles a peanut shell, halved.
5) Eye is sometimes punched.
6) Braid sometimes, but not always completely removed.
7) Collar made with a deep wavy cut/gash at the top.
8) Field is nicely dressed above and behind the head.
9) Date and Liberty left intact.