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Introducing "Deliberator"
By Art DelFavero RM5524

Some hobo nickel carvings just stick with you; this was the case with this new nicknamed artist. In October of 2013 a coin came up for auction on eBay, and it was definitely one that I had seen before. I went on search for the recognized matches after winning the coin for a nominal $314. I knew that O.H.N.S. editor Ralph Winter owned an exceptional two sided version, and I also knew that the archives would more than likely yield positive benefits. As I thought, two more renderings by this artist did show up.

One thing struck me about this usual subject carving; it was obvious that the artist made a conscious effort to roll the front of the hat brim behind the word LIBERTY. In other words, he had made a deliberate effort to do so. This fact was the characteristic that prompted the name "Deliberator."

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The carving characteristics for "Deliberator" are as follows:

1. Front of hat brim eludes LIBERTY.
2. LIBERTY and Date remain intact.
3. All are carved on early dated nickels.
4. All works are utilize engraving and punching techniques.
5. Large hats with wide three dimensional brims (three with similar hat band adornment).
6. Ears added.
7. Changes to the profile, and to mouth.
8. Similar collars with jeweled stick pin.
9. Similar shoulder adornments.
10. Noses with enlarged nostril.
11. Nice clean work in the field areas.
12. Nicely proportioned necks.

The following carvings were originally identified and nicknamed as a new carver named "Snidely." It was later determined that carvings by "Snidely" were actually carved by already existing carver "Deliberator," and as such, "Snidely" was removed as a standalone carver. The following photos are additional carvings by "Deliberator." It should be noted that other subsequent themes were probably carved by this carver, which may or may not match exactly the carvings shown in this writeup.

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