12 October 2004

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2005 OHNS Token "Casting Call"
   To ALL Active Nickel Carvers: I propose the following list of parameters for coin carvers submitting work for the 2005 OHNS token. I agree with Verne that many carvers do not use drawings (including myself for the most part) and since time is a factor, I would like to forego the design approval process but just suggest basic parameters for theme. I'm going along with Bill that the design should be a hobo theme. Bill has said he would like to see a Hobo sitting on a tree stump as one possible "hobo theme." I think traditionally based designs are best for the token. Since it is a struck piece... straying too far from traditional themes could result in something that doesn't at all resemble a hobo nickel.
   The following are my proposed parameters for carvers...
   1. All interested carvers must contact Verne, our OHNS Secretary, by 11/1/2004 indicating that they will be participating in this "Casting Call." A telephone contact number must be provided to insure efficient and timely communications thus avoiding misunderstandings during this extremely short time-frame project. Verne has unlimited anytime calling [ at 785-945-3800 ] so he will return any calls if the caller will simply leave their number.
   2. All completed candidate carvings must be received, not just mailed, by 12/1/2004 in order to be considered for the 2005 OHNS token. Mail to: OHNS, 12000 Sunset Ridge Drive, Ozawkie, KS 66070. If the artist prefers one side or the other, please state preference. The OHNS Board will then provide Ron Landis with an "order of preference" list for both the obverse and reverse candidate carvings submitted. Ron will make the final selection based upon the technical requirements necessary to produce dies from the submitted candidate carvings.
   3. Verne will be responsible to arrange for the final disposition of the non-selected candidate carvings and will correspond directly with the carving's owner/carver to insure their wishes are followed. These carvings can be returned (as the owner/carver directs and at their expense), held over for consideration the following year, sold at the following year's FUN auction (with the quality designation fee waived), donated to OHNS (without any charges) ...or... whatever else the owner/carver directs.
   4. The selected obverse carving will have the date removed and the 2005 date will be added to the die. The selected reverse carving will have "United States of America" and "Five Cents" removed. "Original Hobo Nickel Society" will replace the USA legend, and "Hobo Token" will replace the denomination. Ron Landis will engrave lettering in the dies, or this can be done by the original artists if they prefer.
   5. It is not necessary for the fields to be dressed absolutely clean, since this can be done very easily in the die. Try not to use extreme relief, as it may not translate well in the die making process, and make striking difficult.
   6. As part of the die making process, the opposite side of the carving will be lathe turned smooth. Gallery Mint will do this, but just be forewarned this is a part of the process. With all this in mind... it's not necessary to start with high grade coins.
   To OHNS Board Members: Selected carvers should receive something for their work. They should at least get their original carving back and they should receive a fixed number of free OHNS tokens (which GMM could donate), and of course, the spotlight in OHNS BoTales for their work. ~ Ron Landis... Friday, 8 October 2004 11:34AM
   To All Concerned: By the time you read this V-Dubya will have EMailed this announcement to every active nickel carver in the OHNS database who has an EMail address. I highly recommend anyone reading this to be certain that those carvers they know have seen this opportunity. I further suggest that any interested carver look at all the OHNS tokens that have been previously produced to get a feel for the sort of carvings that Ron is looking for and to avoid duplicating previously created themes. Verne will be away from home 10/18-27/2004 so will be unavailable for SnailMail or Telephone contact ...but... will respond to EMail questions during that period. V-Dubya ... Click to EMail this person.
  EMail notifications sent out:  Monday, 11 October 2004  
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