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2019 OHNS Hobo Tokens designed by Steve Adams

For Adams, it all started when he made a love token in the year 2000. Later he came across hobo nickels on eBay and made his first carving in 2001. Since then he estimates making somewhere between two hundred and two hundred twenty-five carvings. Adams' background was in die engraving so it was not too unusual for him to migrate towards coin engraving. Before that, he started out in commercial art but opportunities arose for a career in die engraving and he embraced it. In 1980 he was using a hammer and chisel for the dies and continued to grow and refine his craft through the years. In the mid 1980's, he trained in sculpting at the Medallic Art Company in Connecticut. He credits success in hobo nickels with his studies in both sculpting and engraving.

Adams still carves with hammer and chisel, along with punches, gravers, flexshaft with burs, sculpting tools, and micro tools for engraving and sculpting. For magnification, Adams uses a variety of devises depending on the task. An optivisor or stack lenses on a long screw will suffice until working in very fine detail and then a stereo microscope is needed. Adams is in a YouTube video called, "An Intro to Hobo Nickel Carving Tools Steve Adams". Viewing it will take you through his carving process.

Adams describes hobo nickels as a creative outlet. He likes that he can share his art with others and also make a little extra money in the process. In fact, his most prolific carving period was when his daughter was in college. He used to regularly say, "We put her through college a nickel at a time". Sounds like a great buy for an education if you just add up the face value of all those nickels. It is almost reminiscent of the hobos that bartered their nickels and time to get the things they needed.

To read the full "Carver Spotlight" article on Steve Adams in the spring 2019 issue of BoTales, the quarterly publication of the Original Hobo Nickel Society, become an OHNS member.

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OHNS Announces YN Scholarship

The Archie Taylor Scholarship is open to YN members of OHNS. More information can be found in the blue area on the Club Info page.


OHNS Announces Del Romines Summer Seminar Scholarship

The Del Romines Summer Seminar Scholarship is open to members of OHNS. Check the blue area on the Club Info page for more information.


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